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French far-right's Marine Le Pen won't ask Assad to step down

BEIRUT | - February 26, 2012, 16h00
Par Antonin GREGOIRE
Marine le Pen, French extreme right's leader, on France 2 French TV 23/02/2012
French far-right leader thinks the upraising in Syria is also the result of a terrorist plan financed by Qatar. In an interview on French TV, Marine Le Pen expressed hope that Bachar al Assad would not be replaced by islamists.
Thursday 23 february, Marine le Pen, leader of the Front National, the French far-right party was speaking on TV, in the framework of the French presidential elections campaign.

Asked about Syria, she avoids to answer the question whether Bachar should leave or not. Then, she declared that « I have to say it, if I don't, nobody will do : facing Bachar al Assad there are personalities who are not all emerging from the people fighting for freedom. Some are armed notably by Qatar and there are geostrategic stakes in Syria which are not just good vs bad. (…) I hope that Bachar al Assad will not be replaced by islamic fundamentalists. »

Syrie : pourquoi Marine Le Pen ne demande pas le... by lemondefr

Yes, you heard it : French extreme right leader believes that there is a terrorist plot funded by Qatar to destabilise Syria. If it sounds like pro-assad propaganda it is because it is exactly what it is.

The reason is that there is a large part of French extreme right that openly supports Bachar al Assad. Frédéric Chatillon, a close advisor to Marine, former chairman of the GUD, a self defence fascist group,  created a whole website ( dedicated to « re-inform » about what happening in Syria.

The re-information consists in attacking any press report or article that does not suit Assad's propaganda, and reporting conspiracy theories.

You can read on the story of a journey in Syria organized in August 2011 for Alain Soral and Guy Delorme. In this story, the website stated that the upraising movement is "a fantasy".

In this picture we took from “contresubversion” website you can see from left to right:
Ahmed Moualek (extreme right, website, Dieudonné (stand up comedian friend with Jean Marie Le Pen and Front National), Thierry Meyssan (conspirationist president of Voltaire Network), Alain Soral (anti-semitic, extreme right, nationalist), and Frédéric Chatillon. Above them: the portraits of Bachar el Assad and his father Hafez.

It was in 2006 and they were invited by the Syrian Socialist National Party, a pro-assad political party/militia in Lebanon.'

Marine Le Pen's strategy is to integrate all extreme right spectrum. The pro-Israel anti-Muslim extreme right and the anti-Jew pro-Palestinian side who, despite their claims, is more anti-Jew than pro-Palestinian. Louis Alliot, n°2 of the Front National and Marine le Pen's life companion visited Israel last December to get contacts with Israel extreme right.

All those people have interest in supporting Bachar Al Assad who always plays both sides. He is officially against Israel and also officially the secular head of state preventing salafis and Muslim Brotherhood from taking over the country. Propaganda aside, Assad never fired a single shot against any Israeli soldier. He welcomed in Damascus Khaled Mechaal, one of the head of the Hamas, the palestinian Muslim brotherhood.

It is not surprising that French extreme right sides with the Syrian dictator as Assad through his actions and propaganda seems to be exactly what Extreme right always said about arabs: that Arabs are not made for democracy, that democracy is a western concept and that any demands of democracy and freedom in the Arab world can not be true and must come from a foreign plot. That Arabs, if not ruled by an iron fist will fall into sectarian chaos. That the whole region is doomed to radical islam if dictatorship falls. That you can rule a country by blaming every problem on the foreigners. That corruption, lies and stealing are normal behaviour for Arabs who should therefore not expect their leaders to behave unacordingly to the local culture...

These views are also widely spread among Israel extreme right.
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