: Lebanon's information portal International 194 39 What is it like to spend few winter days in a relatively unknown village? December was one of the hardest months of 2015, I reached a point where I dreamed of having 30-hours days instead of 24 in order to finish all the work due and get the chance to feel the slightest holiday’s spirit. After spending El Mina, the “City of Waves and Horizons” El Mina is the sleepless hub of North Lebanon. Located on a headland overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, 85 km from Beirut, this marine city is famous for the historic coexistence of the Christians and Muslims who lived together in Anjar The visit of this archeological site is a must! It is not too far from the impressive famous Baalbek site. Anjar is more discreet than Baalbek. It is a thrilling evidence of an old civilization’s presence in Lebanon. Anjar Baalbeck You might have wandered the world and contemplated many millennial vestiges, but you cannot remain indifferent when visiting Baalbeck, for these Greeck Roman ruins are gigantic and their beauty is really striking. Historical Overview Located The Chouf Cedars Located on an altitude of 1170 m, the nature reserve of Barouk, also known as “Al-Chouf Cedars Nature Reserve”, is a very famous tourism site. It was created by a non governmental organization in 1994. It is supervised The Lebanese “Meza”, a Festive Gastronomy There are two “types” of Lebanese cuisines: the one proposed on holidays, and the one we taste on weekdays with our family. This festive cuisine is particularly illustrated by the meza, which is the idea we have on the Halloween in Beirut: Get real! Forgetting more traditional locations, here’s our wish list for Halloween venues… all over Lebanon. Beirut's Halloweenesque hot spots can host more than decent parties. We’ve got BO18, a nightclub designed 10 things to do in Beirut for less than $10 Being adventurous can be pretty pricey sometimes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have fun without straying outside the borders of your budget? Here are a few things you might enjoy doing that won’t cost you much. 1. Rent a bike Clubbing in Beirut: not all its cracked up to be I’m sorry. I came to Beirut with a lot of expectations. In particular I was told that this is the place to club in the Middle East. It is the place to club in the Middle East, I agree. What with regional turmoil and cultural Looking for my local in Beirut- #1 I think I go out more in Beirut than any other city I have lived in. However, three months in and I still haven’t found that place to call my ‘local’ Since watching the American sit-com ‘Cheers’ as