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Halloween in Beirut: Get real!

BEIRUT | Lebanon Travel Guide - October 31, 2014, 15h41
Par Nada Akl

Forgetting more traditional locations, here’s our wish list for Halloween venues… all over Lebanon.

Beirut's Halloweenesque hot spots can host more than decent parties.

We’ve got BO18, a nightclub designed like a coffin that doubles as a war memorial, and there was also another war-themed pub in Monnot called 1975. All these are commendable efforts but the truth is, although life often imitates art, it’s harder for our local clubs and pubs to imitate the scary, crazy, and truly Halloween-worthy places that just happen to be there in our city.

When you’re way too old for trick or treating, once you’ve been to all the usual places, done all the regular partying, Halloween starts to become a bore. This is when it’s time for a dose of reality.

You can’t top the burlesque of the Manara amusement park, you can’t invent the creepy war stories associated to some buildings, and, if aliens are ever crazy enough to invade Down Town Beirut, we doubt that their spaceship will ever be as interesting looking as the Dome (or the egg, or the mushroom… whatever you chose to call it).

For the ultimate Halloween party: get real.

The Egg, the Dome, the Nuclear Cloud, the Mushroom…

Whatever you chose to call it, this building located in Downtown Beirut looks like something that escaped from a 1950’s horror movie and we just love it.

Think Mars Attack meets Chernobyl. The circular architecture is astonishing, the acoustics near perfect and the different spaces on ground level or in the “globe” allow for many interesting event such as exhibits, concert or art installations.

We could also host the ultimate nuclear Halloween party.

However, you should take advantage of it sooner than later because our beloved Dome may soon be destroyed, as militants call for its rehabilitation each year.

Dress code: Your best Mad Scientist costume
Drink of Choice: Atomic Bomb (Black sambuka and Red Bull)
Soundtrack: Daft Punk

The amusement park in Manara: opening the creepy toy chest

Chucky is around the corner in this 1960’s extravaganza.

The scariest thing there is probably the Ferris wheel, which will take you spinning less than 1 meter away from the façade of a building.

All the brightly colored yet somewhat creepy objects such as the painted Brazilian dancers and the giant lady in the middle of a merry go round are one of the many reasons Tim Burton simply MUST shoot his next movie in Beirut.

Everything here will make Pee Wee Herman jealous… or run for his life.

Dress code: A Scary Clown
Drink of choice: A Short Trip to Hell (Jagermeister, Peach Schnapps, Strawberry Schnapps, Wild berry Schnapps, Red bull)
Soundtrack: Anything by Danny Elfmann

The disused railroad station in Riak

This is far away from Beirut; quite isolated actually, in a disused railroad station… let your imagination take you away. Chainsaw Massacre anyone? We think so too. They say the souls of dead railroad workers still wander around. We don’t know about that but what’s for sure is that trees have grown right in the middle of old wagons and the shadows do scary things starting 5:00 pm.

Dress code: A Wilderness Beast
Drink of choice: Amber’s Revenge (Scotch, rum, tequila and beer)
Soundtrack: Ice cold silence

The Barakat house in Sodeco

It’s that beautiful yellow house in Sodeco square.

This war thorn building is currently being constructed into a memory museum.

Some might find it distasteful to throw a Halloween party there but in some twisted way, other people explain it might provide the closure needed to get over past events….

You can be the judge of that if you dare enter this old house that is surely haunted!

Our suggestion for other venues of the sort: The Murr Tower and the Holliday Inn.

Dress Code: a zombie
Drink of Choice: Bomb the World in your Throat (white wine, cointreau, egg white, red chili and raspberry Cordial)
Soundtrack: Platoon OST

As a final note, because our all-time favorite Halloween inspiration is Michael Jackson's Thriller video, we’d like to suggest filming our own Lebanese thriller video with zombies coming out of their graveyards in churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and all the different religious communities of Lebanon… Think of it as a Michael Jackson tribute reflecting the diversity of our beautiful country.

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