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The Chouf Cedars

Lebanon Travel Guide - November 04, 2015, 18h43
 The Chouf Cedars

Located on an altitude of 1170 m, the nature reserve of Barouk, also known as “Al-Chouf Cedars Nature Reserve”, is a very famous tourism site. It was created by a non governmental organization in 1994. It is supervised and managed by Al-Chouf Cedars Society, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment as well as the United Nations. Al-Chouf cedars reserve is the biggest nature reserve in the Middle East due to its 550 square km area.

MP Walid Jumblat is the President of Al-Chouf Cedar Society managing team. The surface of this reserve goes from Dahr Al-Baidar (North East) to Niha (South). It includes more than three million trees (including oak, pine, and juniper trees). It also embraces three large cedar forests: Maasser El-Chouf, Barouk, and Aain Zhalta-Bmahray.

Reserve of Barouk, The Chouf Cedars, Ain Zhalta As for the cedar mountain, it displays many panoramic views of the Bekaa Valley of Qaraoun Lake in the East, and the Mediterranean in the West.
An artificial lake was also created in this reserve in order to put out any possible fire. This lake is financed by Japan.

There is a big variety of fauna and flora in this reserve: 500 plant species, including medicinal and aromatic plants. Ten of them are considered as rare on the international scale.
200 bird species, including nineteen that are considered as rare.
32 species of wild animals, including 12 that are considered as rare (wolfs, gazelles, hyenas, and lynx…)

The key objectives of this reserve are:

  • Scientific research (inventory, biodiversity)
  • Natural heritage preservation
  • Development and ecological tourism
  • Planning and construction
  • Partnership

Reserve of Barouk, The Chouf Cedars, Ain Zhalta
This reserve is appreciated by visitors due to the magnificent cascades and waterfalls. It is famous as well for the 2000-year-old trees that decorate it. The Cedars Natural Reserve welcomes almost 25 000 visitors every year.

Many cultural and sports activities are available in this reserve: On the schedule: delta plane, hiking, racket skiing, VTT, collecting, insect and butterfly identification, and many other activities…

In the village of Barouk, many tasty regional products are proposed to tourists like flower marmalades, cedar honey, and aromatic herbs and syrups…

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