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Clubbing in Beirut: not all its cracked up to be

BEIRUT | - August 21, 2014, 22h22
Par Sophie Spencer

I’m sorry. I came to Beirut with a lot of expectations. In particular I was told that this is the place to club in the Middle East. It is the place to club in the Middle East, I agree. What with regional turmoil and cultural conservatism, it is pretty much the only place to club in the Middle East but that doesn’t mean it's good.

I’ve been to a handful of places here that get raved about by my friends but I haven’t been able to see what is particularly special about them. In fact, there are many aspects to clubbing here that make it an unappealing endeavor.

Firstly the door policy can be quite ridiculous. I understand that for really fancy places you should have to dress up to the nines and even reserve a table but some venues seem to deem themselves classier than they really are. You wait in a huddle (lines don’t really exist) for half an hour, carefully pairing up guys and girls evenly, just to be told that one guy’s shoes are not suitable. In London some people take rucksacks into clubs - can you imagine??

Even if you do make it in, entrance prices are comparatively extortionate. Where are all the free clubs and where is the pre-gaming? If you decide to go early to pay reduced entrance, you’ll end up paying a lot more on drinks anyway. It’s lose lose, in my opinion.

Now, all this would be acceptable if the music was amazing. So far, I am yet to be impressed. All the big clubs seem to play monotonous techno and house, which is really hard to dance to for hours on end. It seems like DJs are trying to cater for all tastes, without really catering for any.

I will give Lebanese clubs this though. Usually the décor and layout is pretty inventive. Clubbing outside in the summer with the view of the sea right behind you is a one-of-a-kind experience and really makes a difference from the grim dimly lit dungeons I’m used to as a Brit. But sometimes a nice free dubstep night in a dingy, sweaty club is just what the doctor ordered.

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