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Hanging out

Looking for my local in Beirut- #1

BEIRUT | - August 14, 2014, 14h45

I think I go out more in Beirut than any other city I have lived in. However, three months in and I still haven’t found that place to call my ‘local’

Since watching the American sit-com ‘Cheers’ as a kid, I have been aware of the importance of finding that bar ‘where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came’.

Here are some possible contenders:

27 – A newcomer on the Beirut bar scene but an original member of the up-and-coming Badaro pub scene. I went here for a drink on a Wednesday night. It was quiet, but if you sit outside there is a very pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. And they serve very good nuts, those nice salt and vinegar crunchy ones.

Radio Beirut - A staple of any night out in MM (Mar Mikhael). With their cheap draught al Mazza and open-mic hip hop on Monday nights, this place is very quickly becoming a favourite of mine.

Calle - This place is fun. From the large glass jugs hanging from the ceiling to the strip of lego on the table to fiddle with, there are hours of amusement in this Spanish-themed pub/restaurant. They have some interesting cocktails too!

Chaplin - A quieter Mar Mikhael option, especially good if you are interested in hearing what your friend/date has to say. The popcorn machine is a nice touch and the gin basil, man that stuff is good!

Demo - A cosy place with live music. Off the main street in Gemmayzeh - perfect for a secret rendez-vous.

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