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10 things to do in Beirut for less than $10

BEIRUT | - September 16, 2014, 06h36
Par Laura Hamade

Being adventurous can be pretty pricey sometimes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have fun without straying outside the borders of your budget? Here are a few things you might enjoy doing that won’t cost you much.

1. Rent a bike from Beirut by Bike for as little as 7,000 L.L. You get it for an entire hour which is just enough time to reach Beirut Waterfront and enjoy the wonderful sights the city has to offer without getting too exhausted.

2. Round up a few friends and challenge each other to a bowling match at Score Bowling in Hamra. It’s exactly $10 dollars but the look on your opponent’s face when you win, is priceless.

3. Check out Café Em Nazih in Mar Mikhail. It’s an oriental, self-service resto/pub with delicious Lebanese food and inexpensive drinks. Plus there’s good music.

4. In the mood for some Lebanese ice-cream? My favorite is Bachir’s (See photo on left). Just order the small cone with mixed flavors. Its colorful, mouth-watering, filling, and only $2. Don’t worry if you can’t find it. There’s one on almost every other street.

5. You have to be really hungry for this one. Go to Zokak el Blat. There’s a tiny place called Snack Hammoudi. They have a variety of different sandwiches and platters to choose from. My personal favorite is the escalope burger. It’s extremely filling and it costs about 5,000 L.L. You won’t regret it, just don’t forget to hit the gym later on.

6. Take a walk around Hamra and nearby streets. If you’re even the least bit artistic, you’ll enjoy the graffiti. Some of it is colorful, some of it is influential, and some of it can be depressing. However, the best part about this one is you get a little exercise and it’s free!

7. If you’re into history and ancient artifacts, the National Museum is the place for you. The tickets aren’t more than a few dollars and the museum isn’t too large so you won’t get bored easily.

8. Walk through the streets of Gemayzeh. The buildings are beautiful and if you’re there during happy hour you can stop in for a quick drink that won’t exceed your budget.

9. Have you ever tried hookah? They’re usually less than $10 at most cafes and they allow you to relax and not feel like you’ve outstayed your welcome without ordering food. It’s a perfect opportunity to gossip and catch up with friends. It's not a healthy habit, though. So... Don't overdo it.

10. Take a walk through the Sunday flee market at Jisr el Wate. Prices may range but even if you don’t buy anything, you get to experience some of the cultural diversity that Lebanon has to offer.

What have you done in Beirut for less than $10?

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