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Salam: UN Resolution to compensate Lebanon a huge victory

BEIRUT | / NNA - December 21, 2014, 11h42
Prime Minister, Tamam Salam, congratulated the Lebanese on the "United Nation's adopted resolution to compel Israel to compensate Lebanon for the oil spill damages during its attack in July 2006," describing it as a "political and diplomatic achievement and great victory for Lebanon."

In an issued statement Saturday commending the UN Resolution, Salam said "this is a major political and diplomatic victory in the history of Lebanon at the highest international forum, represented in the adoption of the UN General Assembly by an overwhelming majority of a resolution stipulating that 856.4 million USD must be paid by Israel to the Lebanese State, as a compensation for the oil spill damages caused by its bombing of the Jiyye Electricity Plant during its June 2006 aggression."

"We congratulate all Lebanese on this achievement, which is the result of strenuous efforts over the years by the Lebanese diplomacy, especially our delegation to the United Nations," added Salam, considering it "a victory for the right and human values on basis of which the UN Charter was founded."

Yet, the Friday's resolution was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations. It is just a symbolic statement.

However, Mr Salam was very enthusiastic about it.

"We affirm our determination to continue our relentless efforts to get to the actual implementation of this decision, and we hope that the Assembly's step would be the start of applying principles of permanent legal accountability on part of Israel regarding its war crimes."

"Lebanon renews its call on the international community to compel Israel to halt its violations of Lebanese sovereignty, and in cooperation with the international peacekeeping forces, to the demarcation of the rest of the Blue Line and immediate withdrawal from Kfarshouba Hilltops and Shebaa Farms," added Salam.

"Lebanon also confirms its commitment to its full right to its water, oil and gas in its exclusive economic zone, as well as its commitment to stability and security in southern Lebanon, in accordance with Security Council Resolution # 1701," Salam continued.

He went on to say that "Lebanon shall remain a State that aspires for peace within its surroundings and in the world, and a contrary model to the concept of a racist state," adding that "state terrorism practiced by Israel against the Lebanese and Palestinians will only bring to the peoples of the region more blood and destruction."

Salam concluded that "Lebanon calls upon the international community to compel Israel to stop its aggressive policies as a condition for the success of any negotiations aiming at achieving a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East."
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