: Lebanon's information portal International 194 39 More than 50% of Internet users in Lebanon access Internet through mobile broadband A survey conducted by Ericsson ConsumerLab indicated that 68% of Lebanese consumers own two or more devices such as smartphones, feature phones, desktops, laptops and tablets, Byblos Bank's Lebanon This Week reported. It indicated Emotions and social media engagement Emotional content marketing is no longer an option for professionals: consumers react to content which makes them feel strong emotions, which touches them at an emotional level. As this article: “The Vital Importance of Psychology Omnichannel Solutions to Fuel Retail Growth in the MENA Region The way we understood retail is changing rapidly, according to experts, over 80% customers in the region indulge in digital activity before or after their purchase and browse product information on various channels including the social Two thirds of Lebanese use the Internet, third highest rate in Arab world A survey conducted by the Qatar-based Arab Center for Research & Policy Studies indicated that 69% of Lebanese are Internet users compared to 61% of respondents in the Arab world, Byblos Bank's Lebanon This Week reported. The 5 web design trends that should be dead and buried If your website still embrace those, it’s high time you rethink your New Year Resolutions! Autoplay videos, ads and media Isn’t the main goal of your website attracting visitors? Isn’t attracting them for the Mobile Goes Viral among Boomers and Seniors Gen Y and Gen X are what technology is all about these days. We rarely come across innovations targeting the older generations or marketing strategies focused on them. Well, that’s where marketers and companies let major opportunities Responsive Web Design + Effective SEO Tactic = A Killer Combination We previously discussed the importance of representing your businesses with a responsive website: a better user experience, time & money efficiency, the future scalability. Now back to SEO … It is by definition, in terms Responsive Websites: the Present and Future of Websites “The company doesn’t care for their business” is how 48% of users describe companies with a site not compatible with mobile devices, according to Google's Think Insights on Mobile…that’s definitely UN calls to ‘Turn digital divides into digital opportunities’ To cover the “breadth and depth” of the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals, the potential of the data revolution must be explored through the use of new and non-traditional sources of data, United Nations Secretary-General Lebanon ranks 36th globally, third in Arab world in Internet freedoms Independent think tank Freedom House ranked Lebanon in 36th place among 65 countries globally and in third place among 11 Arab countries in terms of Internet freedoms for 2015, Byblos Bank ‘Lebanon This Week’ reported. Lebanon