: Lebanon's information portal International 194 39 Lebanon has third least competitive cellular market in Arab World The Cellular Competition Intensity Index for 2015 ranked Lebanon in 17th place among 19 countries in the Arab world, unchanged from the 2014 index, and up from 19th place in 2013. According to Byblos Bank's "Lebanon This Week", Lebanon ranks 13th in North Africa and West Asia in terms of talent competitiveness INSEAD's Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) for 2015-16 ranked Lebanon in 77th place among 109 countries around the world and in 13th place among 16 countries in the North Africa & West Asia (NAWA) region, Lebanon This Here are the 10 most expensive streets of Ashrafieh Our top listing of the most expensive streets in Ashrafieh confirms Georges Haimari Street in first position. On average, the price per square meter on this artery starts at USD 5,750 per SQM. In second and third place come two streets One in five Lebanese adults is optimistic about Lebanon's economic outlook for 2016 A survey conducted by opinion polling and consulting firm Gallup on economic optimism in 68 countries worldwide shows that 20% of respondents in Lebanon are optimistic about their country's economic prospects in 2016. According 86% of Lebanon employees would leave their current company for better training opportunities (survey) According to a recent ‘Career Development in the Middle East and North Africa’ poll conducted by, a leader job site in the region, a lack of career development prospects can radically make or break employee engagement. Data Lebanon ranks sixth in Arab world in economic freedom The Fraser Institute's 2015 annual Index of Economic Freedom in the Arab World ranked Lebanon in sixth place among 21 countries included in the survey, Byblos Bank ‘Lebanon This Week’ reported. In comparison, Lebanon Lebanon has 67th highest level of human development globally, seventh highest among Arab countries The United Nations ranked Lebanon in 67th place among 188 countries worldwide and in seventh place among 20 Arab countries on its Human Development Index (HDI) for 2014. Lebanon's global rank regressed by one spot from the 2013 66% of professionals in the MENA feel that their HR department effectively promotes employee wellness According to a recent ‘The Role of HR in the Middle East and North Africa Workplace’ poll conducted by, the region’s number one job site, Human Resources (HR) practices in MENA are flourishing. According New industrial licenses in Lebanon up 38% in first half of 2015 The Ministry of Industry issued 357 new licenses for industrial establishments in the first half of 2015, constituting an increase of 38.4% from 258 licenses in the same period of 2014, Byblos Bank ‘Lebanon This Week’ reported. The Majority of professionals in the Middle East and North Africa feel positive about the prospects of 2016 Professionals in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are looking forward to the New Year, according to the ‘Holidays in the MENA Workplace Poll’. The vast majority of respondents (79.6%) will be making career