: Lebanon's information portal International 144 33 Derbas: Lebanon lost $20 bn due to Syrian crisis Minister of Social Affairs, Rachid Derbas, told Al Liwa Daily, in an interview to be published on Monday, that Lebanon has already lost $20 billion due to the events in Syria. Fuel prices drop by LL1100 Fuel prices dropped on Wednesday by LL1,100 while diesel prices dropped by LL1,000. Lebanon ranks 36th globally, third in Arab world in Internet freedoms Regarding Internet freedom, Lebanon comes in 36th place globally and in third place among 11 Arab countries in 2014, said Byblos Bank's Lebanon This Week, while quoting a survey led by independent thinktank Freedom House. In 2013, Lebanon's net public debt at $56.2bn at end-October 2014 Lebanon's gross public debt reached $66.2bn at the end of October 2014, constituting a rise of 4.3% from $63.5bn at the end of 2013 and an increase of 6% from $62.4bn at end-October 2013, Byblos Bank ‘Lebanon This Week’ Middle East airports poised to become global aerospace supply chain hubs Airports across the Middle East, particularly UAE is shaping up to become important supply chain hub for the global aerospace sector, according to industry players during the first day of the Aerospace Supply Chain Summit, held at Real estate in Lebanon: fighting corruption requires mechanisms and reforms (REAL) R.E.A.L. hosts lunch for its members and REDAL.During a lunch hosted by the Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon (R.E.A.L.) this Thursday in honor of REAL and Real Estate Developers’ Association of Lebanon (REDAL) members, R.E.A.L. Surface area of new construction permits in Lebanon up 7% by October 2014 Figures released by the order of Engineers of Beirut & Tripoli show that the number of new construction permits reached 14,227 in the first 10 months of 2014, constituting a marginal increase of 0.1% from 14,218 in the same period Stock market activity in Lebanon up 72% to $592m by November 2014 Figures released by the Beirut Stock Exchange indicate that total trading volume reached 86 million shares in the first 11 months of 2014, constituting an increase of 78.2% from the same period of 2013; while aggregate turnover amounted SMEs represent over 90% of companies in the UAE BR Communications FZE and Business Setup Consultants partner together to support new entrepreneurs in the UAE. Lebanon ranks seventh in Arab world in economic freedom The Fraser Institute's 2014 annual Index of Economic Freedom in the Arab World ranked Lebanon in seventh place among 20 countries included in the survey, Byblos Bank ‘Lebanon This Week’ reported.