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Placing the first stone of the digital incubator of ESA: SMART ESA

BEIRUT | - May 28, 2016, 11h56

The 27th of May witnessed two outstanding events in the history and development of ESA.

A forum entitled “Competencies Capital- 20 years of cooperation” organized by the embassy of France in Beirut celebrated the anniversary of the 3 leading institutions of the French-Lebanese cooperation: ESA, the institute of Bassel FULEIHAN and the Partnering program of Hubert Curien CEDRE.

This day of high level exchanges and testimonials closed on the official inauguration of old consulate building, a space of more than 2000sqm which will host the activities of Smart ESA, the new digital incubator of ESA. A leading sign that the dynamics and the cooperation between France and Lebanon are set upon a promising future.

Back in 1996, Prime Minister Rafic HARIRI and President CHIRAC founded ESA.  20 years later, ESA wishes to honor one the founders of the Institute Mr. Rafic HARIRI, visionary and symbol of the Lebanese entrepreneurship, by having the building bearing his name.

The renovation works of the new building will be executed thanks to the free donation of Bankmed which has been working alongside with ESA since day one.  Mr. Saad HARIRI, former Prime Minister and Mr. Mohamad HARIRI, Chairman, General Manager of Bankmed were also present at the event.

Jean-Vincent PLACE, Minister of State for State Reform and Simplification has also traveled all the way to attend the inauguration. A significant gesture that reminds of the importance of ESA figure: a unique model of co-development between France and Lebanon. And as mentioned by the President of the French republic, Mr. Francois HOLLANDE, during his speech at the Residence des Pins on April 16, the” French Tech is about to enlighten Lebanon and the whole region”. Being a meeting point between the French digital expertise from one side and the Lebanese creativity and energy from the other, Smart ESA will boost the process, started 20 years ago, of mutual learning and enrichment between two friendly countries.

The presence of Governor of the Central Bank Mr. Riad SALAME at the event shows the valued position of Smart ESA, which according to directive 331, aims to help make Lebanon the new stronghold of digital innovation.

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