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Entrepreneurship must fuel the next generation of jobs in MENA says

DUBAI | - December 02, 2015, 07h36

It’s no surprise that global leaders are increasingly looking at entrepreneurship as a way to grow jobs and stimulate economies. Even in mature economies (including the US) most jobs are created by young businesses in their high growth first 5 years.  In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in particular, entrepreneurship is direly needed: at about 25%, youth unemployment rates in the (MENA) exceed those of any other region in the world.

Throughout its tenure as the region’s leading careers site, has diversified to encourage entrepreneurship in the region. The portal recognizes the value that entrepreneurs add to the economy by creating new business, social change, community development, and importantly new jobs. Over the last fifteen years, has operated with the aim to bridge the gap between employee and employer, and to assist both startups and established businesses in hiring the best talents.

“Encouraging entrepreneurship has become a focus for many countries throughout the region as they bolster the economy and drive innovation. If every entrepreneur in the region were to hire just one other person for their business, that is exponential job creation in itself. Encouraging entrepreneurial endeavors is truly beneficial to the region’s economies – entrepreneurs significantly contribute to the economy and job creation of the country,” said Suhail Masri, Vice President of Sales,

Today, the portal redefines conventional recruitment, democratizing interactions with portals by enabling conversations to happen during the recruitment process. supports entrepreneurs and small business startups with the Start Up Kit, free of charge, so they can access the portal’s database and gain visibility to the 8 million monthly visitors.

“We have been helping start-ups to recruit top talent across the industry spectrum at all career levels. In fact, the platform has been instrumental in facilitating and enabling recruitment activities for entrepreneurial ventures from start-up phase through to maturity since our inception in 2000,” continued Masri. “ also works with thousands of large enterprise corporations in the Middle East to help them fulfil their hiring needs, across all industries and career levels. In keeping with our commitment to redefining the recruitment landscape, we have managed to help bridge employment gaps across the region, contribute to the creation of vibrant career conversations and solid career trajectories, and build a fully-fledged professional community. As we mark’s 15-year milestone, we would like to take a moment to thank all of our stakeholders, who have played a pivotal role in our growth story and we remain committed to providing them with the most effective, enriching and engaging online extension of their careers and lives.”

"Using, Gulf International Bank (GIB) has become much more cost-effective in the recruitment function," said Nawaf Kably, Head of Recruitment & Staff Benefits, at Gulf International Bank. "In just one year, has helped us trim the time it takes to close our hiring targets to almost half, and saved approximately $150,000. solutions has especially been a terrific tool that has measurably improved our bottom line and quality of hire."

On its 15th anniversary, the company has crossed the pivotal 10,000 jobs-a-day milestone, empowering over 22,750,000 professionals and 40,000 leading organizations to build the careers and businesses of their choice. This year, the Middle East’s number one job site is celebrating years of delivering effective, end-to-end employment solutions to job seekers and HR professionals throughout the region. Since its inception, has grown at an incredibly rapid pace – from a simple online job portal to the single largest career site and recruitment solutions marketplace for professionals and companies in the Middle East and North Africa. In 2015 alone, welcomed over 3 million new members spanning the region’s hottest and most vibrant sectors and career profiles.

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