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Global Entrepreneurship Week kicks off in Lebanon

BEIRUT | - November 18, 2013, 13h13
A photo taken during the Gew 2011 in Lebanon. Photo from Global Entreneurship Week Lebanon Facebook page.
With over 31 activities already scheduled, Global Entrepreneurship Week looks to bring the popular event that celebrates the innovators and job creators driving economic growth through start up companies.
Global Entrepreneurship Week has been a rapidly growing event internationally since its creation in 2007, and will be hosting events throughout Beirut as a part of the international entrepreneurial empowerment themed week.

In 2007, representatives from 38 nations organized events in 18 different countries. Now the number has skyrocketed to 138 different countries hosting Global Entrepreneurship Week, fostering innovation and working to teach the skills of a successful entrepreneur to millions around the world.

"Countries around the world are embracing their entrepreneurs as significant drivers of economic activity and growth," said Jonathan Ortmans, president of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

This year, Global Entrepreneurship Week will be held for the first time in an additional 16 countries. Across all continents, from Mali, to Montenegro and Jamaica, nations around the world are looking to embrace their entrepreneurs to drive economic growth.

Start up businesses, and an entrepreneurial spirit tends to create job and drive economic growth towards a stronger more diverse market. Through encouraging the entrepreneurial community, GEW looks to promote economic growth and the world.

"Through GEW, we are instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in millions and helping them unleash their ideas," said Ortmans.

A study published by the Kauffman Institute in October  has shown that entrepreneurship may be contagious, with spending time around other entrepreneurs increasing ones likelihood of starting their own business.

Through better understanding of what makes someone become an entrepreneur, the Institute hopes to develop ways to trigger entrepreneurial economic growth.

The 3-day Global Entrepreneurship Week is expanding around the world rapidly, and with good reasons. As the world economy continues to produce dismal results, new businesses are more important now than ever to turn the market around.
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