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How to love a wild woman

Beirut | - September 20, 2015, 11h49
Par Jasmin Tokko
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“The wild woman is only intimidating to those who are not yet free. She is a mirror of all you are or all you have yet to become. She is a living invitation to claim your freedom. Your wings long to lift you on the wind.”

Have you fallen for her? Does the fact that you can’t control her drive you insane? Do you wish she wasn’t as wild and free? Are you aware that the mere reason that you fell for her is because of her wild and free nature? If so, why would you wish to change her?

A wild woman makes you see life in different colors, and I say colors because each of us probably sees life from only one angle, from one color, but not her. She will not show you life, but allow you to feel, taste, smell, and touch life simply because this is the only way she knows how to live, and if you think about it, why should you live any other way?

We live oppressed under conditions laid on us either by parents, friends, or partners and we end up living conditioned without even realizing it. Our actual desires for life become forgotten, a wild woman doesn't forget and doesn't need a reminder, she goes through life following what she loves, not allowing anyone to get in her way, and if you end up having her in your life you’d be lucky because she will inspire you to live freely and happy.

When you encounter such an individual you tend to fear her, maybe because she is too daring and beautiful that you are afraid to lose her, or maybe because she makes you realize what you are missing and opens your eyes to life.

So how can you love this woman and keep her?
Just love her as she is, as simple as that. Under no conditions, with no buts or because, just rejoice the moments with her. Don’t let your love become selfish, and wish to own her, which will make her let you go. Sail with her, honor her being, and look at her with joy rather than fear when she makes others happy.

Don’t allow yourself to think that she controls your happiness, which alone will make you both unhappy. As a matter of fact your happiness should depend on no one, you never know when those dear to you will come or go, so you must be content with your own self, with solitude. And, don’t confuse solitude with loneliness, they are completely different things.

A wild woman will love you more and more if you show her that you are independent, and support her freedom rather than fear it. Push her for greatness and to follow her dreams, she might end up making you her dream if you treat her right.

So just love her, don’t possess her, or try to control her, or change who she is. Love her in an innocent way, make love to her with passion, and accompany her with no judgment.

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Justin Kline
October 08, 2015, 23h39
Hi Jasmin, I found this article very insightful. I now have such a incredible women in my life. My relationship is complicated by living in two different countries, but her effect on me has been profound. I know I was at a point of becoming selfish with her, but my independence and confidence kept those irrational feelings from taking control. I find your advice to rejoice in the moments you have with her and to honor her by celebrating with her in the joy she brings to others powerful. This approach gives me piece of mind.
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