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10 things foreigners will never understand about Lebanese

BEIRUT | - September 23, 2014, 16h13
Par Laura Hamade

From disorganized parking lots, to power outages and water shortages these are a few things foreigners will never understand about Lebanese. Please note: This does not apply to everyone.

1. Abusing the car horn: We all know how annoying traffic is and that excessive honking will not get the traffic moving. Why must drivers always contribute to noise pollution in the country?

2. Overdressed for the market: I don’t know about you, but my milk and eggs don’t judge me based on what I look like. Is a full head of makeup necessary to buy your groceries across the street?

3. A maid in every home: When my parents were young, they used to make us sandwiches themselves, now when the parents are busy watching Turkish soap operas, the nannies are tucking the little ones in bed.

4. Clapping when landing: We get it you’ve reached your destination safely but why this celebratory action?

5. Fireworks for everything: Speaking of celebratory actions… Oh your son just passed his exam after the third try, how about we give all the neighbors a headache and put them in danger along with us?

6. Ambulances never on time: “Don’t worry I’ll just wait here and bleed to death while you try to get through Lebanon’s traffic,” said no one ever. Where I come from, cars make way when they hear ambulance sirens in the distance. In Lebanon, the cars disregard the cry for help. Now, how many of those patients do you think actually make it to the hospital alive?

7. Driving License: Why do we have to learn how to drive manually in order to pass the driving test? Most of us end up sticking to automatic ones anyways.

8. Driving through one way streets: It’s hard to tell which streets to take when trying to reach your destination but is it necessary to make someone drive in reverse because you purposely drove in the wrong lane?

9. Electricity shortages: Most third world countries have electricity but in Lebanon the power goes out in the middle of a wedding or an extremely important football match.

10. How through all the political instability, electricity shortages, and lack of water, they still find a way to get along and gather at Grandma’s house every Sunday like it’s no big deal…. “3ade mashewe wl shabeb!”

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