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Hasn’t your Mama taught you any better?

BEIRUT | - September 03, 2014, 09h58
Hasn’t your Mama taught you any better? Lately alcohol seems to be bringing out the worst of people, and I wonder what is happening to people? Do I have to watch your crying outburst or your drama scenes when you’re drunk? People are failing lately to understand that being drunk is no excuse to act crazily.
Many bartenders have shared with us stories of the strange behavior they witness on a daily basis, of people acting out of character due to alcohol consumption.

One of my bartender friends recently told me of how he suffers behind the bar, “I have stopped enjoying bartending lately, it used to be a festive experience, however now all I see is drunk people behaving like morons, it’s amazing how alcohol mirrors their true spirit…”

It has become a trend to get absolutely wasted. We’ve all had our moments. But some people have no limits in their behavior and bother and annoy everyone around them. I recently witnessed a really cute guy drinking really heavily. Once it kicked in, he started to hit on every girl in the pub until he was asked to leave.

“One time I got pretty drunk on absinth shots, and I made a complete scene outside the club, a little screaming, a little crying and even asking my friends to leave me alone… it was the worst night of my life, and since then I cant go back to my favorite club in Beirut…” shared a friend who wished to remain anonymous.

It’s a little weird the stuff we do when we first start getting drunk. We get drunk cause we don’t know how and what to drink and we assume that we are tough enough and we can remain in control.

“I was known to be a tequila enthusiast, until one day, I was on a second date and my tequila bottle failed me; we were drinking nonstop and I forgot to eat. I really liked the dude but I ended up gagging in his lap and never seeing him again…” said a 27 year old interior designer.

There are ways to drink and rules to follow. You shouldn’t drink more than one cup every hour, don’t mix different spirits together… and so on.

If you follow these rules you shouldn’t need your friends to carry you to bed…
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