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Scotch & Shots mend no hearts!

BEIRUT | - March 01, 2016, 09h56
Par Sara Lebbos

Lately I have seen men and ladies pour their hearts out to this lethal combination of alcohol and more alcohol at pubs whenever they are depressed. But do they really think that killing what's left of their brain cells with excessive drinking will make them forget everything and feel better? Well maybe!

Every time I see a man sitting alone on the bar with his head rammed between his shoulders and his eyes focused on his glass, I can tell the dude has been dumped by his girlfriend. Girls tend to go for the “icecream, chocolate, movie” combination in a similar situation.

I do believe that there is nothing that Jack can’t wash away, but drinking your worries away will not magically fix any of your problems.

“I do confess that I have burst out in anger every now and then and hit the bottle when I was really down but I never made a fool out of myself…” said Michel, an engineer from Beirut. Whereas, Roni a graphic design student, confessed, “there was a time when I was going through a lot of heartache and trouble where I used to drink by myself in pubs until I ended up unaware of my actions”

It is a common idea in our society that alcohol is a solution and a getaway for forgetting all the problems that have surmounted during the week. In fact the liquor ads are not helping. They lure you into drinking to have fun and lose yourself.

“I remember back in the days when life was blurry and vodka shots were a sign of maturity (so we believed) we found an excuse to act stupidly and wander around the clubbing streets trying to get attention… don’t remind me!” said Berna a 28 year old social-worker.

It is amazing how some young people run from their problems and drink it all away thinking that alcohol works like magic! Well wake up people it doesn’t! The hangover you feel the next day is a good sign of that…

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