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Where have all the real men gone?

BEIRUT | - October 01, 2015, 16h37
Par Sara Lebbos

Lebanon, a country known to be a hub for strong “macho” men. Now it seems that the country has been drained of real men.

So where have all the real Lebanese men gone?! UAE and the region? Europe? Africa ? Canada?! Are these countries holding our real Lebanese men hostage?

Statistically, in Lebanon for every guy there are 7 girls; can you digest this horrible fact? You go clubbing or to the movies or museums and its always the same. Everywhere I see girls and useless men hovering around. I look back in nostalgia to the old days before the commercial world snatched the intellectual men from this country, when men knew the meaning of chivalry, of honesty and of poise! Yes people poise! They had the spirit of true manhood and not artificial seduction.

I asked a friend for her opinion on the matter, “where do you think all the Lebanese gentlemen have gone? What happened to them? Why are we left with losers and nutcases as friends and potential bfs?!,” she answered, “ they've gone with the wind, westernized.”

So what happens to the girls who cannot compromise or accept a boyfriend below their standards? What happens when you have one guy for 7 girls? A male friend answered “share me” let the 7 chicks share me,” yeah right as if we don’t have the right to have our own, and if the situation was reversed would you accept to share your girl with 6 other men!?

A 23 year old French friend recently told me that she went out for dinner in Beirut with some friends, and a cute guy showed interest in her, later on that evening he started showing her his new iPhone and his latest shiny car with perfect leather seats etc. That night left her wondering, “Is that how all Lebanese men act, thinking that bling-bling and shiny shoes would get my attention?”

I had no comment on the matter, but it is a shame. Where have all the gentlemen gone? Where are the men who would charm you with their intellect and not their shiny expensive cars and bling bling outfits that cost twice as much as their paychecks…? Where are the simple men who would invite you for a movie and not a drink in a posh club to show off thinking that the place would inspire you to jump into his bed after an expensive bottle of champagne or wine?!

They accuse us of being material?! They should stop letting these chicks use and abuse them. They offered, we didn’t ask!

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