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14 ways you know you’ve been raised by Arab parents

BEIRUT | September 02, 2014, 10h34
Par Laura Hamade
Following BarakaBits' "11 Signs You Were Raised by an Arab Mom" and similar articles portraying the humorous aspects of being raised by Arab parents, we’ve decided to follow suit and give it a little spin of our own.
1. Your parents refer to you as “mama” and “baba” according to Barakabits and other related articles instead of terms like “honey” and “sweetheart.” It’s definitely true and very confusing to foreigners.

2. When you misbehave in public and they silently glare at you, you know you’re in deep trouble when you get home.

3. Need I say more?

4. Inshallah usually means no!

5. You most probably still live at your parents’ house unless you’re married or studying abroad. However, due to the international economic crisis and the unemployment issues, it’s also the case for many unmarried people in western countries. We were just trendsetters.

6. Number 5 in BarakaBits’ article agreeably states “From the moment you were born, she’s been waiting to talk about marriage and find the perfect person for you.” We agree!
You’ve heard so much talk about marriage since you were young that you start to believe your parents had you for the sole purpose of extending the family.

7. You’re forced to wear a jacket even on a scorching hot day.

8. You keep old or ripped clothes to use as washcloths or dust rags.

9. Lebanese moms be like: “eza bedayfuk shi w bte5od bade kaser eedak!”

10. If you’re a girl and you come home after curfew you’re in deep sh** but your brother is always off the hook.

11. Your dad’s whisper sounds more like an angry shout.

12. You’re surprised to find out that pizza is actually triangular and not those small bite-sized circles your mom always makes.

13. They never fail to embarrass you in public. But then again, maybe that’s the case with all parents.

14. You were raised by the most caring parents and you wouldn’t change it for the world.
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