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Lebanon’s Noise Pollution

BEIRUT | April 01, 2014, 15h53
Par Vivecca Chatila
Construction. Honking cars. Fireworks. Car bombs. Angry citizens yelling or in other words, just talking. These are some of the daily noises emanating from all sides of our beloved country. Not that all other countries lack these noises, but Lebanon’s are something special.

Noise pollution. It’s not enough that we have real pollution that is hurting the environment and leading some to nickname their own country “Jabal Sbeleh”. I always thought there should be a campaign in Lebanon to stop the noise pollution.

Construction, the noise of progress, cranes lifting heavy stone material, drill noises becoming the constant day or night, and workers chattering and laughing on roofs, getting as high as mountaintops.

Car bombs, blasts, crushing concrete buildings, shattering glass windows, twisting metal. These are the noises of destruction. The smoke rising in the air, the wailing of ambulances, police, the screams of the wounded, the the silence of the dead.

Noise pollution plagues our streets. People waiting impatiently in their cars, stuck in traffic jams, honking their car horns to no avail. Thinking of being late to work, getting fired, then on the way home, hungry, stressed, tired, honking their car horns just to get some release. How many honks can you hear before you want to scream?

Was that the sound of fireworks or a string of bullets leaving the barrel of a machine gun? Confusing sounds that make our hearts skip a beat and our nerves on edge. Upon seeing falling trails of colored lights in the sky, we breathe a sigh of relief…at least for now. Why would a country like ours allow the use of fireworks? Do we not crave some quiet? Some peace? Some silence for a while?

BOOM! CRACKLE. THUD. ZZZZ. BSH! TAH! BEEEEEEP! YALLA! These are the sounds polluting our country, our beloved country laced in unrest and uncertainty. What noise will disrupt us next?
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