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Relaxing Sunday

BEIRUT | June 10, 2014, 15h51
Par Vivecca Chatila
If you’re not working on the weekend, you should be doing one thing….relaxing. It’s been proven that rest and relaxation after a long week of work will clear your mind from stresses and gear you up with energy to survive the next week. So what do you do to relax? Sit in a coffee shop, sipping your favorite drink? Reading a good book in bed? Here are some suggestions to have a wonderfully relaxing Sunday in Beirut.
Living in Hamra has its perks, but when you want to connect with nature and get away from the noise of the city, you’re stuck with just a few options. Take a walk along the corniche, and find the stairs that lead to a rocky rest place. You can sit and meditate on the rocks with a manoshe, a book, a pal, or some music in your ears. Nothing beats the feeling of connecting with nature…even if it is just on the rocks.

Want to see trees and flowers? AUB has an array of them. Say you’re just visiting, leave your ID at the door and take a walk around the beautiful campus. Sit on one of their benches and breathe in the scent of nature all around you.

Relaxing can be a difficult task for those of you who are constantly plagued with stress on or off the job. If you find your mind wandering back to work-related thoughts, block them out for a while and have a full-filling (get it?) wrap from Comsi-Comsaj on Bliss Street just across from AUB.

If you love Downtown Beirut, then you’ll love just taking a walk down the old cobblestone streets, seeing the old and the new, mingling together in perfect harmony.

Still can’t relax? Find a quiet spot, sit down and just breathe….10 deep breaths with your mind made clear of everything and anything. That should do it. After all, it’s just another day in our paradise. Why not enjoy it?
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