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Lebanese lovers… Who’s talking long term?

BEIRUT | January 17, 2014, 14h10
Finding love is not easy in any country. It’s an international struggle. But what happens when you find the love you’ve been waiting for? What happens when you find each other? You get married right? Wrong. Not everyone can experience this smooth transition. I have found that the road to happiness is much longer for some.
With the political and economical hardships wracking the region, it’s tough for young couples who do not have unlimited funds to tie the knot.

Some factors they have to deal with:
  1. The Ring
  2. The Wedding- usually the bride’s family pays for it, but what if the bride is not wealthy?
  3. The Honeymoon
  4. New House (plus furnishings) Ok, so they can rent, but then they will not be able to save money for a permanent house in the future since the meager salaries will all go towards paying rent and other necessities such as groceries, transportation, insurance, and living expenses.
Joining the two families is also an issue for the couple. If the families do not get along with each other, it would make certain things such as holiday gatherings very awkward and cause tension.

Sure, the couple could just elope in Cyprus, but it would cause an uproar with the more conventional families who would expect them to follow tradition.

So where does this end? How does the couple solve their marriage dilemma? Prolong the engagement of course! Yes, here in Lebanon, young people get "engaged". However, Lebanese tradition has stripped the engagement ring from its once romantic symbolism to being a society pleaser.

The ring is pretty much used to please society with the promise of marriage in the unforeseeable future and to the couples, it’s a green light to go ahead and date and get to know each other.

That ring around her finger isn’t just a metallic accessory, it’s a symbol of freedom for her and her partner to be able to be together without society gossiping. Once the couple has been engaged (read: dating and getting to know each other) for a few weeks or months, if they decide they’re not meant to be together, the engagement is simply broken and both go their separate ways. End of story, on to the next.
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