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Tyre International Short Films Festival to gather 32 countries

BEIRUT | - November 29, 2015, 08h49

Nearly 4000 short films were received at the Selection board of Tyre International Short Film Festival 2015, from 108 countries, out of which 12 hours of high quality screening have been programmed and distributed in four sections, three of them for short films in competition: Animation, Documentary and Fiction short movies.  The 4th section is dedicated to the screening of out-of-competition movies, that have been selected by the Festival team.

From December the 5th to  the  8th, the population of Tyre will have the opportunity to watch movies coming from diverse countries, with people telling their stories.

“We work to create a space where during three or four days the people attending to the Festival have the opportunity to watch good short films coming from different cultures. We have films from Iran, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, France, England, Poland, Turkey, Lebanon, Bahrain, Syria, Switzerland, Belgium, India, U.S.A., Georgia, Iraq,...” declares Kassem Istanbouli, founder and director of the Festival and of the Istambouli Theater, an independent theatre company, the Istanbouli Theatre, dedicated to a theatre committed to Lebanon's social and political reality.

He adds: “This year we will also have a Workshop on cinema with Mr.Ghassan Salhab during the Festival days and we feel honoured to have the opportunity to share his knowledge with us.”

The Festival Opening will take place the 5 of December, 4:30pm, at Al Hamra Cinema (photo here above), with a street performance and Wellcome session. After the ceremony, the first section of the Festival, "Animation", will be screened.

Documentary short films will be screened the 6 of December and Fiction movies on December the 7th.

Out of competition movies will be screened December the 8th and the awards ceremony will take place the same day. 

The awards will be granted by a jury chaired by Ammar Al Aradi, Director of the Baghdad Film Festival.

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