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Lebanon celebrates Fairuz' 80th birthday

BEIRUT |, with agencies - November 21, 2015, 17h00
Photo: National News Agency

She sang of love, nostalgia, childhood, Lebanon, the world: Fairuz turns 80 on Saturday, on the eve of the celebration of the Independence of Lebanon.

Lebanon and the entire Arab world is celebrating this iconic singer: Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Jordan and Palestine all acknowledged that woman whose voice brings some comfort and pride to a wounded region.

Fairuz is not only a singer; the international diva is also a symbol of the country of the Cedar. She embodies her homeland with her music over the generations.

The Lebanon of Fairuz has nothing to do with political schisms, the waste crisis, or the miserable economy. The Lebanon of Fairuz, and certainly of the Rahbani brothers, is a world of its own.

The Legend sang of all its regions: the north, the south, and Beirut. She sang about its poverty and wealth, its madness and serenity. She sang her charming paradox.

She appears today as a common denominator in a deeply divided Arab world.

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