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The Incompetents: Punk rock of professionals

BEIRUT | - January 08, 2015, 09h38
Par Cindy Riechau
Maya Aghniadis‎. Photo from the Metro Al Madina Facebook page
Don’t “The Incompetents” have any taboos? Well, when it comes to music at least they don’t. And to everyone being a fan of good music this is a big fortune. Changing between the styles of Rock, Pop, Jazz and sometimes even Gypsy, the five musicians along with some friends presented on Tuesday in Hamra’s Metro Al Madina a colorful collage of their diverse and catchy sounds.
Many fans have been longing to finally see them play live again since the last time was quite a while ago. The musicians played their last show in December 2013, even longer dates their last performance in Lebanon back.

But after all the waiting was worth it’s while. “The Incompetents” played a stunning show, making every single one of their musical facets shine. The musicians mix Pop with Improvisation and Rock with experimental music. What comes out of it sounds at the same time chaotic and melodic, soft and energetic, sweet and sour. The band’s members change musical themes and rhythms in a glimpse, seem to lose themselves and every sort of structure when playing experimental soli of bass or saxophone but would always manage to find their way back to where they have started from.

From Catchy “It could happen to you” to quirky “Stripped”, the songs were all newly arranged for the show. They simply couldn’t leave people unmoved. More and more people started to dance during the concert.

Worth mentioning strong drummer Maya Aghniadi guides the rich instrumentation, ranging from guitars and keyboard to xylophone, through all the band’s songs. As characteristic as this various instrumentation is Serge Yared’s deep rough voice, sometimes jumping around and other times just purring smoothly along with the melody.

The band’s name after all definitely sets one on the wrong track. In fact “The Incompetents” are missing every sign of incompetence, their sound, seeming like a sort of Punk rock of professionals, encourages every member to be very free and always their self by constantly showing a high musical quality. Everyone but the front singer is having musical educated background.

The crowd, after the official show, longed for more songs instantly. With some encores and a huge applause the band left the stage – just to return with a brand new album some time soon.
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