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"After all we're not complete strangers": The Incompetents at Metro Al Madina on January 6

BEIRUT |, with agencies - December 26, 2014, 08h19
After a year of absence, The Incompetents have finally once again begun to see the light and will be performing at Metro Al Madina in Beirut on Tuesday, January 6, 2015.
The past year has seen The Incompetents’ members take time to focus and work on separate and simultaneous projects both in Beirut and abroad.

This geographic situation led to a quiet rupture with the band not being active in the studio or elsewhere. Recently, however, The Incompetents have once again been busy rehearsing and playing music for themselves, but the concert at Metro Al Madina is where the members are once again joining forces in full-throttle and back on stage. The Incompetents will be re-working and re-arranging tunes from their numerous albums and having them ready to offer with a few surprises. They summon you to join them for a night of good vibes and mix of tastefully offbeat and abrasive tunes.

The Incompetents is a musical project that came to life almost by mistake in November 2007. With three studio albums and two live-in-studio albums up to date, the band today is composed of Maya Aghniadis, Paed Conca, Stéphane Rives, Fadi Tabbal, and Serge Yared.

Since its early days, the band has seen many changes in its configuration, and today most of the band members are more and more away from Lebanon. However, and despite this fact, 8 years have passed since its inception and The Incompetents today is gaining recognition outside of the borders of its native Lebanon. The album “Of Narcissism… and Minor Differences” (2012) was distributed by Cargo Records (London), French clip director Henri-Jean Debon (Noir Désir, Asian Dub Foundation, Danielson Family, Louise Attaque etc.) shot the dark “Missing Frequencies /This Gun For Hire” and they were booked to give their first concert abroad in Paris in December 2013 (la Boule Noire).

The Incompetents also have an important visual identity and language that is consistently spearheaded by Beirut-Based artist Alfred Tarazi who has been producing most of the band’s cryptic visuals.

After all we're not complete strangers
Metro Al Madina,
January 6,
9:37 pm (sharp!)
Click here for more info on the event

Ticketing Phone: +961-76309363 (Monday to Saturday:12 to 9 pm. Sunday 2 to 9 pm)
#Rock, #Lebanese_rock_band
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