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Singapore Art Fair receives support from Lebanese Art collectors

BEIRUT |, with agencies - October 22, 2014, 11h44
A view of Singapore. Photo: Singapore Art Fair Facebook page.
From 27 to 30th November 2014, a new modern and contemporary art fair in Singapore, the Singapore Art Fair, will take place at Suntec Singapore and Convention Centre, receiving around 60 galleries from all over the world.
The event organised by Orchilys Pte Ltd will showcase ME.NA.SA Art (Middle East, North Africa, South and Southeast Asia), highlighting the transformations currently taking place in the international art market.

For its first edition, Singapore Art fair has established an honorary board of patrons whose mission is to give support to the fair concerning its openness to the international art market, strengthening the fair’s identity as a place to showcase ME.NA.SA contemporary creations.

The board of patrons is made up of international art collectors, curators, art advisors, museum directors and foundation creators. The 29 members include

Ms. Nora Joumblatt – Art Collector and President, Beiteddine Art Festival, Lebanon

Ms. Janine Maamari – Founder of the Association Art Lebanon; Art Collector, Lebanon

Aswell as other important figures in the art world from across the region who, through their collections, their foundations, or their professional activities, they embody the international growth experienced by the ME.NA.SA Art.

“Singapore is fascinating and it is unquestionably the hub for international trade and finance in Southeast Asia,” Ramin Salsali, Founder of Salsali Private Museum, Dubai, and member of the art collector’s committee since its inception says. “With this new artistic platform bringing together international art collectors, cultural institutions, galleries and artists, Singapore confirms its role as a global hub. “

Singapore Art Fair is the first fair in Asia dedicated to the artists of the ME.NA.SA region, allowing them to strengthen their impact and identity in the global market, and broaden the horizons of artists, art collectors and art market professional alike.
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