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Campaign to ban the series “Peppa Pig” has been revealed as a hoax

BEIRUT | - September 08, 2014, 10h38
Par Laura Hamade
Image courtesy of Facebook
It shouldn’t really be a big deal when your son confronts you one morning and tells you he’d rather be a pig instead of a doctor when he grows up, right? Wrong! Or at least that’s what Zayn Sheikh seems to think.
Shaken up by his son’s dream of becoming a pig in the future, as a result of the popular television series Peppa Pig, a British Muslim is on a mission to influence its cancellation.

Zayn Sheikh, not-so-proud father of the wannabe pig has initiated a campaign that was soon revealed to be a hoax by this YouTube comedian.

To say we were surprised would be an understatement. Thousands of people fell for the joke and flooded the Facebook page with complaints after his video was released.

Loyal fans in retaliation even set up a rival page as an attempt to save the show from being canceled. Talk about taking extreme measures!

In his second video, the comedian revealed the true meaning behind this prank.

"I am not against any race, religion or ethnicity I speak out against discrimination wherever I come across it. At the end of the day whatever is going on in the rest of the world is not to do with us regular Muslims in the UK because we are just like any other people. We are normal people. We are just trying to get by,” he clarified.

"The video was meant as a joke and if you cannot realize it’s satirical it’s not a concern of mine," he concluded.
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