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Defiant art : Bridge to Palestine

BEIRUT | - June 30, 2014, 16h09
Par Sophie Spencer
Picture by Rania Matar - Forgotten people series
Thursday 26th June was the opening of the ‘Bridge to Palestine’ exhibition at Beirut Exhibition Centre curated by Mark Hachem. provides a brief overview of the resistant creativity on display.
The ‘Bridge to Palestine’ exhibition, which is running until August 3rd 2014, displays the work of 18 Palestinian artists, some living outside of Palestine and others under Israeli occupation and their mutual longing for their unattainable homeland. It is the first Lebanese exhibition dedicated to Palestinian art since the 1980s.

The exhibition features a wide range of works using different media. The trial by Aissa Deebi is a video installation recreating on two screens the 1973 trial of the revolutionary Palestinian poet Daoud Turki, tried for treason against Israel, a state that did not recognise his rights.

On another smaller screen is the simulation of an airport departures board. Jerusalem is featured as a destination amongst other global metropolises on the board, and next to it the flashing sign –‘waiting’. This work by Rafat Asad reflects personal dislocation from this sacred place, which is so important to Palestinians.

Laila Shawa presents a golden AK 47 covered in jewels and butterflies. The artist insists she was not trying to glorify weapons, on the contrary, she believes it is the artists’ duty to challenge the arms industry and she has therefore turned this AK 47 into something completely useless.

Mohammed al Hawajri has fused the past and the present. He has taken iconic paintings by artists such as Picasso, Dali and Van Gogh and given them a modern Palestinian twist in his Guernica Gaza series. The fusion of Palestinian revolutionaries and 19th century French revolutionaries is striking and powerful and is a reminder of humanity’s constant struggle for freedom.
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