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‘Noah’ sinks with the ark as religious censure erupts

BEIRUT | - April 02, 2014, 18h03
Par Laura Hamade
According to the Daily Star, the upcoming film ‘Noah’ has been given the green light in Lebanon. While the biblical epic starring Russell Crowe has been banned in several Middle Eastern countries, Bassam Eid, project manager and theater coordinator for Circuit Empire cinemas, confirmed that “not a single minute, not a single second” of Aronofsky’s film would be censored. The film will be released on April 10th at Cinema City Souks.
According to Mail Online, the film boards of Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates informed Paramount they wouldn't be permitting screenings in their respective countries. Other countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait are expected to follow suit.

In ‘Noah’, a man is chosen by God to undertake a momentous rescue mission before an apocalyptic flood destroys the world. ‘Noah’ isn’t about a massive flood, or animals two by two, or a wrathful God, according to a review that appeared on The Washington Free Beacon. It features those things, but it is not entirely about them. It’s about how man reacts to the evil of the men around him. Does he let that evil blind him to innocence, to goodness? Or does he accept that humans are not inherently evil, that good can win over the bad?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, some of "Noah's" Christians viewers "questioned the film's adherence to the Bible story and reacted negatively to the intensity and darkness of the lead character" after he got drunk and considered "taking drastic measures to eradicate mankind from the planet."

Russell Crowe, the Oscar-winner who played the role of Noah, defends the film as critics argue over its controversial message. “It’s been difficult for all of us the last 12 or 14 months, having all of this criticism directed at us by people who think it’s their right to put their name and stamp on something they haven’t seen,” said Crowe, referring to audiences that have dismissed the movie based on its controversial subject matter.

The movie also stirred controversy in the Arab region, with Christians claiming that the movie is not in line with the Scriptures, and Muslims completely against the depiction of Biblical figures.
Director of media content at the National Media Center in the United Arab Emirates said: "There are scenes that contradict Islam and the Bible, so we decided not to show it. It is important to respect these religions and not show the film."

Russell Crowe claimed he expected the ban. "To be frank, given that it is a tenet of the Muslim religion that you can't make stories or render images about the Prophet, it was not unexpected that some Islamic nations would ban the film," he shared with Telegraph.
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