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Tania Kassis at the Forum de Beyrouth: "My faith in my country is infinite"

BEIRUT |, with agencies - April 18, 2013, 11h02
After her big success at the legendary Olympia Hall in Paris and her wonderful Christmas concert at the Lebanese Presidential Palace, Tania Kassis has offered another exceptional concert on Friday April 12 at the Forum de Beyrouth in presence of Lebanese First Lady Wafa Suleiman along with a large number of politicians, diplomates, celebrities as well as many people from the press and the media.
On the eve of April 13, the date of the beginning of the Lebanese civil war, this concert was a mirror-image of the concert offered in Paris, at the Olympia Hall, with a repertoire built around the themes of love, dialogue and marching for peace.

"Such is our destiny, We the Lebanese people, to march together despite and against all odds," the artist said. "On 19 October 2012, I had the chance to perform in the prestigious Olympia Hall in Paris. The enthusiasm and joy I was about to convey were sadly weaved with sadness following the tragic assassination that took place on that very same day, in Ashrafieh, Beirut. But my faith in my country is infinite, and I persisted in relaying through my songs in Paris that Beirut and Lebanon will never die as long as We, the Lebanese people, keep having faith in our future."

Known for her musical style, combining Oriental and Occidental influences that already reached many countries, Tania Kassis accompanied by an orchestra of 25 musicians presented some of her own songs like the famous “Islamo-Christian AVE” sang with Maen Zakaria & Mahmoud Massaad but also “Ounchoudat Bayrout” through which she chose to reflect the history of a city she adores, and ”Jerusalem” where she hopes to witness one day the unification of the Cross, the Star and the Crescent. She also introduced a personal Oriental touch to some selected international hits and shared few duets with the French-Lebanese singer Jhony Maalouf, discovered by the TV show « The Voice » on TF1, who came especially from Paris for the occasion.

First Lady Wafa Sleiman noted the high level of the concert and felt proud of the presence artists like Tania Kassis as she succeeded to present wonderful music that went beyond the Lebanese borders with her incredible voice.

She also mentionned the numerous concerts Tania Kassis presented in which was highlighted the importance of the religious dialogue as well as the cultural diversity of Lebanon. Mrs Sleiman noted that "the ceremony was distinguished" and voiced Lebanese pride "because of artists like Tania Kassis who provided sophisticated and beautiful art, which reaches past the borders of Lebanon." She added that, "Tania's art shows the cultural and open nature of Lebanon."The First Lady stated her hope that Lebanon remains always a picture of civilisation, art, culture and joy.

Tania Kassis ended her concert at the Forum de Beyrouth with a very meaningful song for Peace "March With Me" along with some lebanese achievers from different domain such as Basketball champion Fady el Khatib, therapist & actress Zeina Daccache, actress Elsy Ferneini & psychologist Fadi Halabi who's fight is to make Beirut a city accessible to handicapped.

"Tania Kassis live at L'Olympia" new CD/DVD was released after the concert.
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