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Ray Bradbury, leading science fiction author of Fahrenheit 451 died at 91

BEIRUT | June 08, 2012, 14h51
Par Antonin GREGOIRE
Cover of the Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury first published in 1950
Ray Bradbury, the author of Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451 died at 91. And today we and many others are feeling a bit as orphans..:
Ray Bradbury died on Wednesday at the age of 91.

He could speak to your soul just by science fictional poetic metaphors he transformed into stories. Since 1950, No one can look at Mars in the sky the same way after reading the Martian Chronicles. Bradbury science fiction was not like any other. He was not trying to exaggerate and criticize a society by pushing its wrongs to the future. He was more like using the science fiction as a playground for human soul exploration.

For some, it was hard at the beginning to understand how Bradbury was not criticizing but developing. Fahrenheit 451 for instance, is the story of a firemen who's job is to burn books. Many received the novel as a critic of state censorship but it is far more than that. Bradbury wrote about how a society can go not just without reading forbidden writings but without reading at all. And how in such society, reading becomes in itself an act of resistance and self empowerment. In Fahrenheit 451, the government did not start the censorship. It is the people themselves who slowly lost interest into books and the government only followed.

Francois Truffaut directed the cinematographic adaptation of the book in 1966

Born in Waukegan, Illinois in 1920, Bradbury moved with his family to California in the spring of 1934, where he lived until his death. The son of a lineman for the local power company, he was a lover of literature from an early age, especially Edgar Allan Poe. Poe influenced his writings a lot, gaving Bradbury the ability to mix horror and poetic fantasy to his science fiction inspiration

"Everything I've done is a surprise, a wonderful surprise," Bradbury said during his acceptance speech of the Natinal Book Award in 2000. "I sometimes get up at night when I can't sleep and walk down into my library and open one of my books and read a paragraph and say, `My God, did I write that? Did I write that?', because it's still a surprise."

 "His gift for storytelling reshaped our culture and expanded our world. But Ray also understood that our imaginations could be used as a tool for better understanding, a vehicle for change, » said President Barak Obama leading the tribute.
The extent of how Bradbury influenced our world is broader than one can imagine and goes beyond the thousands of kids and adults who read him. He inspired many great filmmakers, musicians like Moby, video game designers, other science fiction or horror writers from Stephen King to Spielberg who said "He was my muse for the better part of my sci-fi career."

Here is one of his latest interview in 2010 with the Paris Review

Needless to say any written line of the Martian Chronicles could be about Lebanon. Here is some quotes.

He will rest in peace in our hearts; his remains are buried at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, California...
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