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"La furie des glandeurs" in Beirut launches its 4th issue

BEIRUT | - April 19, 2012, 12h23
Par Louise Wernvik
La furie des glandeurs, the satirical fanzine, has launched its 4th issue on Tuesday in Dar el Bistro in Hamra, Beirut.
The specialized magazine, La furie des glandeurs, is known for aiming at social issues plaguing Lebanon.

This issue of the magazine tackles the mistreatment of foreign maids at the hand of their “owners”.

Roughly every week in Lebanon  one worker commits suicide usually after suffering depression and starvation, due to violence and rape. This issue tackles this dark subject in a humorous way, a sort of macabre humor that also makes you think of the shocking reality.

“Racism in Lebanon is a dangerous heritage that the people inherit in their households. People should move their asses and get their own glass of water from time to time”, Zeina Basil, editor of chief, said.

The launch event was a success with many BoBo’s attending and buying the Fanzine. Food and Sangrias were offered at the main table, where a lot of people buzzed around chatting and enjoying the wine based drinks.

In Dar al Bistro there is a room just for books, a library full of art books, and another selling place for La furie des glandeurs. This place is known for its calm place where people can grab a drink and start reading.
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